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  1. 01. Branding

    Branding Capabilities brand assets, corporate identity, logo development, strategic marketing design | Click

    Marketing is all about leveraging the trust and equity your brand has earned and garnering improved market position and increased revenue and profits. Talk to Barrett Proctor and let’s find out if your brand is working as hard as you are at meeting your goals.

  2. 02. Print

    Print Capabilities intergrated advertising campaign, brochure, collateral, direct mail campaign, | Click

    Nothing beats the immediacy and efficiency of digital communication, but if you are trying to reach your audience on a deeper and more tangible level, nothing is more tactile and memorable as print communication. Then, there’s that unmistakable smell of fresh ink on paper that’s irresistible and you just can’t get from a mass email.

  3. 03. Digital

    Digital Capabilities website development, online marketing, SEO, social media | Click

    Trying to understand social marketing can be as frustrating as Whack-a-Mole – as soon as you have the latest gadget figured out a new pops up. Not everything is right for everyone and it has to make sense with your overall marketing strategy. Talk with Barrett Proctor to find out which digital strategy is right for you.

  4. 04. Events

    Events Capabilities trade show exhibit, display design, event marketing and collateral | Click

    If you only participate in B2B trade shows it still pays to think retail –play the numbers game and design like you would for billboards. From table-tops to large island booths, Barrett Proctor has years of experience developing trade show strategies that get the biggest return on your investment and the experience developing graphics that get noticed.

  5. 05. Illustrations

    Illustrations Capabilities oil and gas, industrial, architectural, engineering, medical, urban development | Click

    Barrett Proctor knows that words can’t always communicate as accurately as pictures. And when we put pictures in motion, they can tell a compelling story that quickly and accurately distinguishes your products and services from competitors’. From complex technical depictions to animated videos, we create the right graphics to draw in your audience.

  6. 06. Photography

    Photography Capabilities oil and gas, energy, industrial, medical, architectural, interior design | Click

    There’s a lot to say about your products and services and there’s no better way to communicate features and benefits than using photography. Whether shooting small parts for catalogs in the studio, or going on location to capture your site at just the right time of day (or night), we know pictures don’t just represent 1000 words, they mean customers.