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Barrett Proctor, based in Houston, Texas offers a full complement of marketing services. Comprised of veteran strategists and tacticians, our capabilities range from branding and positioning to creating, developing and implementing effective marketing communications plans using all types of media. Our experience in both agencies and the private sector enables us to serve your marketing needs from a unique perspective. We understand marketing from your side of the desk. Whatever your needs, you will find the perfect solution with the senior marketing experience at Barrett Proctor. Our goal is to maximize the impact of every marketing dollar you invest, draw you and your customers together and strengthen that relationship. We strive to make a measurable difference in your business.

Our brand of marketing is grounded in tried and true strategies that are integrated into a program we call Marketing Action Planning™.  MAP quickly gets to the heart of marketing and focuses on three core components; branding, positioning and messaging.  It’s not for everybody, every time, but we can select components from MAP that zero in on specific needs and deliver efficient and effective plans, budgets and marketing calendars. 

Barrett Proctor has worked with a variety of clients implementing complete MAP programs that include our full market research, design and analysis capability and a series of in-depth meetings with corporate leadership.  We apply our marketing experience and insights to newly uncovered data and arrive at the right strategy to aid in meeting your corporate goals.  We’ve applied MAP to companies just getting off the ground and are seeking an identity within their market; companies launching a new, differentiated product into an existing market; and companies interested in rebranding a product or service that’s become stale in the market. 

Whatever your needs, Barrett Proctor has the experience and just the right level of service to get your marketing back on track. | back

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