06. Design

The perfect marketing strategy must be implemented with flawless creativity. When our clients come to us for help, we can’t just go into the back office and grab a design off the shelf. Barrett Proctor engages the creative department from the first time we begin a relationship with a client and throughout the course of developing projects and campaigns – that way, our experienced designers understand first-hand the nuances that make your company different and your products special. 

We ask lots of questions. We listen. We research. We brainstorm. Then, we ask more questions. We always deliver multiple ideas congruent with a well-thought-out marketing strategy.  Our trophy case is jam-packed with peer judged awards for top-notch creative, but we gauge our success on your success.  What matters most to us is that your marketing plan is meeting your goals and that it stays on schedule and on budget.

Barrett Proctor creative ideas are always fresh which makes us an ideal adjunct to any in-house creative group.  Our designers come from a wide range of industries and with years of experience and that means you can count on us to create original concepts that cast your company in a new and better light.  Our concepts can be as bold as you dare to be, or we can play it safe while still keeping it fresh.

Our creative department understands more than good design – they understand marketing.  And, because they have deep experience in both design and B2B marketing it’s easy for them to grasp the strategy and apply concepts and design ideas to any marketing tactic.  From small banner ads to large format trade show graphics, we make sure your brand and your messages get noticed and remembered.

At Barrett Proctor we are constantly finding creative ways to help our clients achieve their objectives. It’s who we are as a company. Browse our portfolio and see for yourself. | back

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